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busy busy

Been out of, um, cyberspace for a bit. Not really paying much attention to the news even. Mainly working on public beta 2 of clevercactus, which should be out in a few hours. That is, Thursday at some point. Thursday GMT.

I did try to pay attention to the news today for about 10 seconds. Problem was, it wasn't enough. Most of it just seemed a bit superfluous. Even the supposedly important stuff.

Partially I feel a bit like when I look at the dials for the washing machine. Someone, at the very least those that designed it, apparently see it at something very complete, well-thought out, and apparently terribly useful. Then again, I can always set it at seven and it seems to work, except when it doesn't. Then clothes shrink, major fashion disaster in the making, horror! What to do.

Well, nothing, really. It's just a shirt, or whatever, in the end.

(some time passes, during which diego listens to Massive Attack's Protection, featuring Tracey Thorn, ponders how appropriate Everything but the girl was as a name for Tracey Thorn's band, and then suddenly remembers that he was actually writing something, and looks back at the screen, hands over keyboard).

Right. I'm reading what I just wrote and it sounds slightly strange. Luckily, it's oblique enough so that I can pretend it does make sense. In the meantime, I think the decongestants I'm taking (oh, I forgot, I'm not feeling too well. cold. bad yesterday. better today. a little) might be affecting my normal blog, I mean, er, thought processes.

Anyway. We all hope that a return to the original programming is imminent.

...Who says/ that's not the way/ it should be...

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Posted by diego on July 23, 2003 at 11:23 PM

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