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light blogging

There will be light-blogging today. Lots of things to do. There is something I want to add on the topic of RSS/Pie/Atom/Echo, but later. In the meantime, some good reading: the essay-entry "There is No They" by Phil Ringnalda is a must-read [via Sam].

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Posted by diego on August 5, 2003 at 3:38 PM

an apology to javablogs readers

In my previous entry there was a comment from either a) someone from Javablogs, or b) someone that wished to remain anonymous while venting his/her frustration at the entries from d2r being "off-topic" from Javablogs. (Charles also wrote to say that he thought it was ok. Thanks! :))

What happened was: several months ago, when the first discussion about the on- or off-topic"ity" of javablogs occurred, I created the category indexes and so on, and edited the config of javablogs to point to the category, which is where I'd comment on Java, etc. I tested it and it seemed to work, so afterwards I just forgot about it. Well, apparently, it wasn't working. I have just changed it by deleting the old configuration and adding a new one (since editing of the URL wasn't possible).

So, apologies for "polluting" the javablogs space with non-java related entries from my weblog. Hopefully it's fixed for good now.

Posted by diego on August 5, 2003 at 9:57 AM

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