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yep, that's the one

A few hours ago I started getting about one message per minute (!) containing the good ol' Sobig Worm for Outlook. Good thing clevercactus doesn't get hit by it :-). Anyway, I was curious as to what had happened, and to the rescue comes a article:

The Sobig e-mail virus that caused havoc two months ago has reappeared in a virulent new form, according to e-mail service provider MessageLabs.
Yep, that's the one. MessageLabs is right, it's baaack, but worse. Much worse. So far the subject lines I've seen include: "Re: Approved" (the classic), "Thank you!", "Re: Thank you!", "Re: Details", "Re: that movie" and "Re: wicked screensaver".

Jeez. Such a waste of bandwidth, processing power, and time. Hopefully with this and other high-profile, recently noted occurrences Microsoft will finally take note and get their act together. Whatever they've done until now is clearly not enough.

Update: in a comment, Juan Cruz was pointing out a slashdot thread on this new Sobig variant, and mentioning that some people are saying this is the one that is supposed to erase the effects of the previous worm that was making the rounds last week. However, they're not the same. See here. This new Sobig worm is just incredibly annoying, and it has no redemptory qualities. :-)

Update 2: Btw, I'm still being hit by about one message per minute. Simple calculation: the worm is about 80 KB. That means in a day I'll get 24 x 60 x 80 KB = 110 MB give or take a few KB. One hundred and ten megabytes of traffic!!. I am really pissed off at MS. The addresses are spoofed, and at times my address is being spoofed, so I get rejected viruses from people that were receiving it. And I don't even want to multiply... say, by, 1% or email users that might be infected... say... five million? Ugh.

I can only wish MS will get hit by this worm as well, just as me and countless others are, and that will make them to realize what a mess this is, and force them to fix it.

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Posted by diego on August 19, 2003 at 5:17 PM

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