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clevercactus beta 3 in the oven -- and some comments

There are lots of things planned for clevercactus beta 3. I am eyeing the release of an internal version for tomorrow to solve some issues that surfaced in the last couple of weeks. Then there's the issue of not just completing/exposing features that are already there, but also of properly exposing/explaning a lot of the concepts and features that clevercactus has. Because it's (relatively) simple, and it has a (relatively) straightforward UI, users seem to see the features they're looking for, and the rest of features don't get noticed so much (until they are needed). This is great, but it's much better when you're aware of what something can do, and then use it when it's needed-- and improved documentation plays a big part in that, as well as adding more UI hints for other functionality without adding cognitive load to the UI. That's the problem with any platform I guess. A bunch of ideas have come together in the last few days, maybe not to much in terms of "features" but particularly on how to articulate how the cc functionality will solve some of the problems that we're facing today in terms of collaboration, information management, spam, viruses (yes, even that), and so on.

Something else I haven't done in a while is point to comments about cc (Some of the comments are a bit old, but they apply to beta 2 as far as I can tell). Here are a few I found after digging through my referrers (yes, yes, I miss a lot with that system, gotta get a better one...if you come across some please let me know): Gary, who is tracking the "information client" space, has added cc among a list of other distinguished entrants. Justin has a bunch of nice comments on it and would like to see more "correlation" tools added--as I do. Every information item we own is essentially the root of a tree of related elements, and it makes perfect sense that cc will eventually allow you to navigate those relation trees with ease. Kristina really liked the ideas behind it, but has been too busy to give it a full try yet :-). Josh also found it interesting and was looking for what it provides, but was slightly dissapointed to see that it was still in beta (the final 1.0 is approaching, worry not!). Then the folks at B.Mann consulting (did I get the name right?) had previously looked at spaces and have now found that clevercactus is the new name for it--and they still like it (and the Mac-UI problem is something that's pretty important too). And, from the I-can't-read-the-comment dept (okay, I can read it, but I can't get the nuances!) here are some comments of clevercactus in the context of advanced information management tools.

And, finally, this just in: clevercactus has been featured in the latest Swing Sightings!. Yeah! :-) Isn't it cool of the Swing team to maintain that service. And, yes, beta 3 is coming.

Thanks everyone for the comments!

Okay, enough babbling. Back to work. :)

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Posted by diego on August 28, 2003 at 12:10 AM

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