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one/There's a long, ragged trail of light that disappears into the distance, reflections of lamps hunching over the wet streets that seem to move away from where I'm standing, away from me. And yet there's no rain; there hasn't been a lot of rain this summer. I wonder why. Global warming, pollution. Natural cycle. It's always been this way, we just don't remember it. All of the above. Pick your favorite.

two/The sun plunged into those buildings and trees standing over the horizon a while ago: the sky is dark blue, turning darker. A blur of clouds insinuates itself in front of the moon. There are no noises, only the distant sounds of the city as it falls into a superficial sleep. Traffic. Sirens that come and go. Voices heard or imagined.

three/I suddenly realize that I've never seen a bird sleep. My mind pulls out pseudo-knowledge out of nowhere: Birds don't sleep, or rather, they sleep while flying. I could look it up, but I dont' want to. Instead, I wonder: if so, do they dream while sleep-flying? Do they dream of standing still?

four/Reading about post-modernist deconstructionists that say, for example, that everything is ideology or everything is politics, a question pops into my head: How exactly does Missy 'Misdemeanor' Elliot fit into that picture?

five/Nominee for Greatest invention of the century: the OFF button.

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Posted by diego on September 4, 2003 at 10:07 PM

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