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clevercactus bug/feature tracker online

Finally! After (quite a lot of) looking around for a good solution, in the end it was Mantis (thanks to Stefan for the pointer) that made the cut. Close second was Flyspray (thanks to David).

Bugzilla was a complete nightmare. I didn't even get past installing all the required Perl packages: the CPAN automatic module installer kept finding dependencies that it wanted to download, apparently ad infinitum, and it kept asking questions to which I had no good answer ("Use package Test::whatever to do X Y and Z NOW? [yes]").

Both Mantis and Flyspray are quite nice, but Mantis is more complete, and it includes options (that require additional packages) that I'll look at in the next few days, such as adding a forum for discussion and anonymous reporting.

The current setup allows anyone to register and report bugs, I'll leave it like that for now and change it only if necessary.

Oh, right, the link: The database is here.

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Posted by diego on September 6, 2003 at 2:52 PM

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