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yes, that's it, that's a good title...

So what is happening? Well, workload is up, blogging is down, that's for sure :-). I guess one thing I've learned over time is not to go crazy when I can't blog. Blogflow returns on its own good time. (Just sitting down to write is always good however, just like with fiction).

First, I got an email from Anthony who just moved his weblog to a new location (and to MovableType!). Gotta update my blogroll... anyway, he also posted a lengthy review of clevercactus beta2. Thanks! I replied through email asking for more details on some of the problems, and left a comment on his weblog.

Second, Sam replied in a comment to my posting the other day on adding Atom support to the google-feeds bridge. Regarding RFC dates, I think he (and Murph adding to it later) makes a good point. My viewpoint is from Java, from which parsing and generating RFC 822 dates is easy, and ISO 8601 dates is hard. No big deal however since once you've got the code it's all a-ok (as much as the code is a hack in Java). If it's easier for a majority of languages, all the better. Then, regarding the content-type issue on content for a feed, Sam again makes a good point. Specifying what you mean is good. What I would add though, is that maybe a baseline content-type (say, text/plain or text/html) always be present. If that's not the case, we could easily end up with feeds being generated only in types that half the aggregators don't understand, which would be a compatibility nightmare (for the aggregator-writers :-)). In any case, thanks for the comments, Sam.

That aside, I am taking a look at (gasp!) SWT, my misgivings about going back to chasing memory leaks notwhistanding. More on that soon. :-)

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Posted by diego on September 8, 2003 at 5:16 PM

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