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atom is atom is atom

On a break I wandered off to the Atom Wiki and looked at the naming process . And, surprise, a message from Morbus to the atom-syntax list seems to have finally opened up the floodgates. From the Wiki: Let's just use Atom:

We could go through the voting process for the hundredth time. We could say that, come September the 30th, this format is called Nota or or Zing, or whatever wins this vote... but with under 20 votes per name? We could go through all the rigmorale of properly vetting the candidate that actually wins, just to find that really it's no good anyway, and have to start voting for the [too much]+1th time.

But let's not, okay? Instead, Just Use Atom.

Yes. Most definitely. I agree. Not just because of the seemingly never-ending nature of the naming process, but also because the other names currently being proposed are dreadful.

Hopefully this will also re-ignite the "closure process" that is necessary for several parts of the Atom spec, which have been iterating with no end in sight.

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Posted by diego on September 26, 2003 at 11:13 AM

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