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weekend review

Well, not much to "review" per se, but...

I've spent the last few of days mostly between working and being with my friends, Dylan and Tracey, who came on a vacation to Ireland two weeks ago. They stayed for a couple of days in Dublin and then they left to roam the South and West coasts while I finished my thesis and released the new internal beta of cactus (btw, I've just realized that I didn't mention that, did I? That was about a week and a half ago). I was going to join them on their trip but the thesis deadline messed up our plans, since I could only submit the thesis on Sep. 30, but anyway. In the end they came back on Thursday to Dublin and since then we've had a blast. They left this morning...

Work is picking up... and will continue to do so this week. Friday and Saturday were kind of mini-vacations for me. :)

The other thing that I'm doing is, every day, deleting spam comments on old entries on this weblog. These are entries that typically are reached through some google keyword, and these astonishingly stupid people go in an type in a comment that doesn't mean anything, using a URL that is pointing to the site they want to promote, clearly in the interests of using a highly ranked page to go up in the rankings. I can't believe anyone would go through this, since it's very time consuming (my comments posting is slow too--combination of MT and the machine on which it's hosted). But in the last two weeks there have been at least two of those a day. With some luck, eventually they'll read my comments policy, or they'll realize that it's not economic to do this (and--useless, since I'll begin closing the comments sections on most of the old posts) and that will be it.

A few interesting things have happened in the past week, but I still haven't had time to think too much about any of them. Tomorrow will be busy so updates are doubtful, but after that the coast should be clear for a bit. It takes a while to get back to normal (whatever that is) after a couple of weeks of crazy activity go by.

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Posted by diego on October 5, 2003 at 7:34 PM

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