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and speaking of kill bill...

...the music is incredible. I mean, amazingly good and even when it's corny, it's corny in a Tarantino kind of way, where it's not corny anymore. (So I guess it's not really corny). Which is not surprising because Tarantino has repeatedly said that he finds the music that defines the movie, rather than the other way around. (This, adding to what I mentioned yesterday).

Right now there's a documentary on TV on Kill Bill (such a coincidence!) where Tarantino is saying something that is really important for stories in general. He says "I gotta know the mythology. You, as the viewer, don't have to know it, but you have to know I know it." I have always thought that this is a crucial element in fiction of any kind, and that the best works are always those were you can just feel the depth of information, stuff that you can't see or are not told but that you know it's there and that it gives consistency to the story. Examples of are many, from The Lord of the Rings, to Ulysses, to, yes, The Matrix (although who knows, the Matrix might still explain absolutely everything in Revolutions... but that would be a mistake IMO).

And, by the way. The scene where the Bride fights maybe 50 or whatever bad guys. Isn't it really really close to the scene in Matrix Reloaded where Neo fights off 100 Agent Smiths? Isn't it a cool that two entirely different, entirely unrelated movies would reflect exactly the same concept in exactly the same way using exactly the same ideas, with very much the same cinematics, (Eastern fighting techniques basically), at exactly the same time? Of course there are some parallels with reality today. But that's not it. Not all. Great minds think alike! :-)

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the way of the weasel

I've been perusing Scott Adams' Dilbert and the way of the Weasel over the weekend. It's really good. Right off the beginning, he is out to improve his definition of the world from the excellent The Dilbert Principle:

Over time, I became more certain that my theory was incomplete. I racked my brain and came up with a new and improved theory that explains not just management, but, dare I say, humanity:

People are weasels.

When I say "weasels" I'm sure you know what I mean. But that won't stop me from explaining it for a few hundred more pages because it's the sort of thoroughness that you expect from a member of the intelligencia, or innteligentia, or whatever

Weasel Definitions

Throughout this book I will concoct new phrases and definitions so that my ideas are revolutionary. As you know, nothing worth knowing can be explained with regular words.

Weasel Zone: There's a gigantic gray area between good moral behavior and outright felonious activities. I call that the Weasel Zone and it's where most of life happens.

[The Weasel Zone is] sometimes also known as Weaselville, Weaseltown, the Way of the Weasel, Weaselopolis, and Redmond.


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