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why sun should change the Java app icon

Because it looks horrible, that's why. Look:


This is the crappy icon that a) is shown whenever Java is loading with Java web start, at any stage, b) the icon that is used for Java config options, and c) the icon that appears on dialogs or frames that don't have an icon properly set.
I know that doing a good 16x16 icon of the Java coffee mug must be hard. But right now every time a Java application that isn't properly set up loads, or JWS loads, I cringe. It looks broken. It looks outdated (outdated as in 1992 outdated, not even 1997). It looks bad.

Java apps deserve a cool, 3d-ish, metallic thingamagic icon that will do justice to the platform. If Sun has staked so much in the logo and the brand it's high time that details like these (that are nevertheless hugely important) are also taken seriously.

And, while we're at it, make it so that JDK 1.5 loads the system L&F by default. Right now loading the Metal L&F makes apps look terrible. Metal might have looked cool in 1998, but we're a bit past it, don't you think?

Okay, end of rant. :)

Update: Martin pointed out that JDK 1.4.2_02 had a new icon. I had avoided 1.4.2_02 because of some reports of problems with JWS, but I decided to try anyway. Here's the new icon:


It's definitely an improvement, but still not good enough. Funny that I said metallic-3dish looking, this is very much that... but it should be brighter, similar to the actual Java logo. Right now it's hard to relate the new logo to this icon.

Posted by diego on October 30, 2003 at 8:50 PM

1,032,473... the number of page views on this little weblog since the beginning of the year, as of right now.

My reaction when I saw this number a few minutes ago (a.k.a.: "Diego's ten easy steps to freaking out in private"):

  1. [Warm fuzziness]
  2. Cool! One million page views!
  3. Holy cow. One million page views.
  4. Aieee! One million page views?!?
  5. [Panics]
  6. [Runs away]
  7. [Looks from behind the door at the monitor]
  8. [Waits for signs of untoward activity]
  9. [Nothing happens]
  10. [Reluctantly walks back]

Yes. I need to get a life. :)

Thanks to everyone for reading, linking & commenting!

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Posted by diego on October 30, 2003 at 11:20 AM

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