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more or less

Here, that is. More or less here. In body, definitely, but in mind it's still "more or less". I have been battling a cold for the last couple of days, ups and downs and still adjusting after so much travel. All sorts of "--aches" and general dizziness. Waking up this morning was truly a hellish experience. It took me half an hour to feel even remotely normal.


I've been reading some interesting stuff, mostly as I can, since it's hard to read on the screen or even a book with a headache always there about to break out. But this fast company article on Apple and "innovation" caught my eye. Interesting, though I don't agree with all of its conclusions. On CNN I saw this mention of new search interfaces, which also seemed interesting.

And as far as books, I'm re-reading Chesterton's The man who was Thursday, which is of course fantastic.

Anyway, hopefully by tomorrow I'll feel better, and be able to getting back "into it" ("it" being, well, everything!) ... there are a number of cool things coming up this week--and many ideas and thoughts that have surfaced in the last few weeks of non-Internet life.

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Posted by diego on January 5, 2004 at 5:29 PM

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