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and before I forget...

... another thing. On Friday I mentioned, among other clevercactus news, that we are hiring. I've gotten some comments on that, specifically that a) there is no info on what positions we're hiring for, and b) the website is not very up-to-date. Both true. I said in that entry that I would add more in the coming days but I wanted to clear this up now: we'll be making changes over the next week to the information on the site, etc. That is, we haven't posted any info yet on that. In the meantime, if you'd like to know more just send us an email.

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Posted by diego on February 1, 2004 at 8:45 PM

weblog changes

I spent a couple of hours today updating the templates and doing some design changes, colors location of elements on the page, link updates, things of that nature (a refresh or hard-refresh on the page might be necessary to get the new stylesheet). I've removed the calendar, since it seemed that it was taking up space more than doing anything useful (I can't remember the last time I clicked on it, I generally just search for whatever I want to find), this seemed reasonable to do but I'd be interested in hearing other opinions on the matter :). I linked the headings for each days to the content posted for that day both on the main page and the category index. Finally, I changed the category name "spaces" to "clevercactus", to make it more relevant. At the moment I've just launched a full rebuild which will take a while to complete--in the meantime pages will be in flux.

This image:


(that now appears at the top-left of the blog) is of a Julia set. Julia sets are quadratic maps ("quadratic" because they are based on quadratic functions) of the form z^2+C, where C is a complex number and the function is applied recursively. Since you can use any complex number to start the iteration, there are an infinite number of Julia sets. Now, wouldn't it be nice to have time to spend a few days writing code to generate a new fractal automatically every week or something. :)

Okay, back to the real world.

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Posted by diego on February 1, 2004 at 8:40 PM

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