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the best sight in dublin

When you're in Dublin (as a tourist) much is made of the Tower, next to the Jameson Distillery, where you have a nice view of the city. This is what I know from reading countless brochures, mind you, as I've never been there. )I generally don't, um, peruse, the tourist sights, although I've been more than once to the Joyce Tower, where Ulysses starts, for other reasons :)). But the tower is probably nothing compared to the Gravity Bar, at the Guinness storehouse, particularly at night.

I've just come back from a Digital Depot party (or is that "networking event"? Who knows... what with all our modern ideas...) and it was fantastic. I think you might not be able to see it at night through the tour (probably closes too early, although maybe not in winter). It's a beautiful place, especially at night. I wish I had had my digital camera with me. The "walls" are made of glass, and each wall that is in the direction of a Dublin landmark (say, Trinity College), has quotes from James Joyce that reference the place in question.

Excellent. Not to sound like a corporate advertisement, but, if you're in Dublin, don't miss it. Just the sight and the "free" pint is worth the 7 Euro. And, needless to say, it's a great pint as well. :)

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Posted by diego on March 16, 2004 at 9:50 PM

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