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eclipse 3.0

I am now downloading Eclipse 3.0 final (released yesterday, apparently) for both Windows and Mac OS X. I had the luck of finding a mirror that is giving speeds of 100 KB/sec, which is excellent (the main download sites all maxed out at around 5 KB/sec, at least for me). I also found a BitTorrent tracker list, but it didn't include 3.0 -- only up to RC3, and then again it was only for Linux and Windows.

Anyway, this comes in handy as I am finishing the setup in a new machine--I had installed RC3 but now I'll just move over immediately and finish making the changes to the configuration (one of the main problems I have with Eclipse is how difficult it is to move over from one version to the next--settings have to be changed, reset, exported and imported in multiple places--maybe I just don't know what to do exactly, I don't know). Aside from that, and various quirks notwhistanding, I've been quite happy with Eclipse as an environment, its integration with CVS and Ant, etc. The release of 3.0 final is a major step forward.

Good stuff.

Update: Don has a number of interesting comments on the 3.0 release, including wondering why they released ahead of schedule, and mentioning version migration problems (which is sort of a relief to read -- now I know I'm not the only one!)

Posted by diego on June 26, 2004 at 1:31 PM

belated thanks

One thing I keep forgetting to do (or rather, not finding time for, since I clearly keep remembering I should do it!) is to thank some of the brave souls :) that helped in the initial beta testing phase of share (that is, before mid-June) and posted about their experience, in most cases with ideas and recommendations. Yes, I've said this to them privately but linkback never hurts :). Probably one reason I hesitate to do this is that I'm sure that I'm going to miss some of the links--so this list is not meant to be exhaustive. Anyway, here it goes (more or less in the order in which they appeared).

Erik, here (and more recently here) who also has given us great ideas and comments. Russ, noting some of the initial performance and L&F issues among other things (and who hung in there even when strange things seemed to be happening with his installation). Cristian, Frank , and Jim, all of them with nice comments. Don, who quickly came up with a wonderful idea for wishlists (which, sadly, I haven't added yet, but it's never been off my mind), and then followed up later with more detail (and some excellent questions and comments as usual). Dylan, who posted a long review, with many ideas and good criticism. Anne, with a great analysis of some of the sociable ideas in share. Also, Justin, and James.

Once again, thanks to them and to the many others that I can't link to (either because they don't have a weblog, or because they made comments privately through email) -- share is better today because of their help and feedback.

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Posted by diego on June 26, 2004 at 12:30 PM

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