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clevercactus pro beta is back!

pro-cactus.png<victory-dance>With this post on the cactuslog, clevercactus pro is officially re-released. And within the timeframe I mentioned last week, no less!</victory-dance>

There's still much to do of course, there are some known problems with view updates under some circumstances, and new challenges that emerge from updating Atom support up to 0.3 (a few Atom 0.3 feeds confuse the parser by including XHTML un-escaped within the content element--they are labeled as xhtml+xml yes, so it's parser refinement that has to be done).

Now my focus goes back for the most part to share. There's some bugs to fix, improvements to make, and some important features to add (among those expose support for multiple locations for a single identity).

But for now--a bit of rest. Tomorrow I have to catch up with email and comments that were posted yesterday, particularly to the JList and StAX posts from a few days ago.


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Posted by diego on July 16, 2004 at 11:11 PM

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