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the problem with scoble's linkblog

While I enjoy perusing Scoble's linkblog when I have time (there's pointers to a ton of interesting stuff in there) I have not been so thrilled about his full-republishing technique. In my opinion, the question who exactly created the content is going to be slightly confusing for someone arriving there from a search engine (this in particular for people that don't yet know what blogs are, much less linkblogs).

Even if it was obvious though, the fact that he is republishing articles/posts wholesale without explicit permission means that a reader that would otherwise end up in my blog suddenly has no reason to do so. I have avoided commenting publicly on this, waiting to see if it changed, but it hasn't.

For example, check out his reposting of my take on AJAX. It's a long post (something relatively common for me) and by the time you scroll down to the second paragraph, you have forgotten that URL at the top. Many people will just get to the end, and move on to the next linkblog post.

Republishing content wholesale without permission is a bad idea. And a linkblog is supposed to be made of links, not full posts.

Robert, I suggest you simply post links and titles, rather than full posts---at most, a 50-word snippet or comment would do (similar to what Kottke does for his linkblog posts). If you think that's unreasonable, I'd ask you to remove any posts of mine that you may have republished over there and to avoid republishing other posts in the future. Thanks. :)

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Posted by diego on March 20, 2005 at 6:09 AM

"forget oil" revisited

Almost a year ago I posted a short entry titled forget oil. Aside from the facts that bottled water costs more than gas at the pump in every country I can think of, and that more than one sixth of the world's population still has no running water, this New York Times article on China's river-management policy caught my attention. "Something to keep in mind" indeed.

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Posted by diego on March 20, 2005 at 5:59 AM

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