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As I'm "walking my way back" into the blogsphere, I've been reading some of the stuff I missed the last few weeks. An interesting one was this post by Mike on the "Recent Innovations in Search and Other Ways of Finding Information" Panel. Very detailed notes, and lots of cool info there.

Ah, search, search, search, search. It's the hot thing again. And I keep wondering what kind of context information we can get automagically, beyond what cool tools like Yahoo's My Web or Google's different take of personalized search provide. And I'm not talking about the semantic web either, rather, the extraction of semantics from what's already out there, no fancy new tags required.

Yep, that's nothing new. I'd bet everybody in search is chasing that eluvise goal. Makes for interesting thinking sessions though. :)

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Posted by diego on May 2, 2005 at 11:25 AM

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