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follow up from rob hof

Rob Hof from BusinessWeek posts a correction to his previous comments on Ning in Mea Culpa: Wrong About Ning.


I just tried out the service, and lo and behold, it is pretty darn easy for a nonprogrammer like me to create at least simple Web services.
Awesome-- glad you liked it Rob! And thanks for the detailed follow-up!

Posted by diego on January 26, 2006 at 6:35 PM

opera mini: awesome

On Tuesday Russ sent me an SMS with a link to get Opera Mini as soon as it came out and I have to say I was massively impressed. This is not really a review but just a small comment -- Russ has more here. Even considering the install was a bit wonky due to the typical hoops we must jump through to install non-carrier-sanctioned stuff on a phone, and that afterwards it ends up being shoved into the "games" section (at least on my RAZR) it's still worth it. Fast and usable, finally a browser for phones that doesn't suck. If you have high-speed data services for your phone and were wondering what to do with all that paid-for bandwidth, check it out.

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Posted by diego on January 26, 2006 at 12:35 PM

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