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new atom parser -- in ruby

Martín has released a super-cool Atom 1.0 parser in Ruby, hosted at RubyForge and available under an MIT license. It's a really good showcase of the flexibility of Ruby. Extending it is very easy. If you're into Ruby (or Atom :)) check it out, the extensibility mechanism he's put in place is quite something.

Apropos (?):

Professor Farnsworth: "Let me show you around. That's my lab table and this is my work stool and over there is my intergalactic spaceship. And here is where i keep assorted lengths of wire."
Fry: "Wow, a real live space ship!"
Farnsworth: "I designed it myself. Let me show some of the different lengths of wire I used."

Posted by diego on April 9, 2006 at 12:19 PM


For the last two days I've been humming Promenade non-stop, even though I haven't listened to it, or to most of The Unforgettable Fire in a long time. I figured that a way of exorcising whatever obsession has it pegged it to my mind, I could write down the lyrics here, and so it goes:


Earth sky sea and rain
Is she coming back again
Men of straw sneak a whore
Words that build or destroy
Dirt dry bone sand and stone
Barbed-wire fence cut me down
I'd like to be around
In a spiral staircase
To the higher ground

And I, like a firework, explode
Roman candle lightning lights up the sky

In the cracked streets trampled under foot
Sidestep, sidewalk
I see you stare into space
Have I got closer now
Behind the face

Oh...tell me...
Charity dance with me
Turn me around tonight
Up through spiral staircase
To the higher ground

Slide show sea side town
Coca-Cola, football radio radio radio
Radio radio radio...

Hm. That's much better. :)

Posted by diego on April 9, 2006 at 11:28 AM

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