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Let me get this straight... my last post was... April 9? Where did these two months go, exactly?

Hm. I've literally have stayed off the blog and the site, completely wrapped up in Ning work (there's a whole lot of cool stuff coming down the pipe... just a little more patience!). But... as time goes by, blog posts start to accumulate in my head (the title for this one has been bouncing around for weeks). In the meantime, a lot of stuff happened: Russ stopped blogging, at least for a while :), E3 and the PS3 stuff, Vista getting delayed, Yahoo! and eBay, Google & Dell, more web 2.0ish activity that can be described in a long series of posts, including the whole O'Reilly web2.0-trademark-brouhaha just a couple of days ago, and a lot more.

Comments accummulated on various posts... backups lagged... etc. Weeds! Go get the lawn mower! Prepare the tools!


Now somehow I fell into it, just writing again. Feels good!

Btw, mentioning Russ is not random, aside from him being a good friend I think I've been going through similar soul-searching as it relates to the blog and what exactly I want to say or express with it. No, I'm not quitting, I feel I've been comfortable enough with taking these "breaks" from it as they come. This is one of the key things of a blog as opposed to something else -- it's gotta be done with passion, and you have to be able to walk away from it, otherwise it's just another fancy trap we have built for ourselves.

One of my not-really-earth-shattering conclusions from my thinking about this is that we need new tools -- the tools dictate a lot of what we say, and how we say it. We need tools that stream with us, from tiny snippets of text, thoughts, links, comments, to entries, multi-part entries, and then articles. Right now, it's not that easy to move seamlessly from one to another. And that hampers expression.

Anyway, these are just disconnected thoughts right now. We'll see if I get into a new kind of groove for blogging. Anyway, for now at least, I'M BACK! The 4-year anniversary of my blog is in just over a month. Quite an occasion to start things up again. :)

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Posted by diego on May 30, 2006 at 7:05 PM

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