I wake up and see that overnight there was a problem with the server (hard disk full) and in the process of fixing it (deleting files), sleepy as I still was, I wiped out my weblog (among other things). Yes. An act of unparalleled genius. Count to ten... or to one thousand...

I'm writing this directly on HTML and mirroring it on a simple feed also written "by hand". Hopefully by tomorrow I'll have had enough time to recover the data (miraculously I did a backup on saturday, and I'm sure I can get the other entries from my aggregator). Murphy attacks. I'm up to my neck in work, and this is the last thing I needed. Anyway. Hopefully I'll be back soon. (Just in case I take more than one day to fix this: my personal email is diegoATdynamicobjectsDOTcom).


Update: (13/01, 3:30pm) I just added a redirect from archive URLs to this page, so postings that are referenced by other sites (e.g., /d2r/archives/something) don't leave people confused with an error message. It's a temporary redirect (HTTP response code 307), done using the following rule for mod_rewrite:

RewriteRule /d2r/archives/(.*) /d2r/ [R=307]

Update #2: (13/01, 6:30pm) Ah, the fun. As it turns out, I've just realized that the backup I was looking at (an "export" of the MT entries) does NOT contain the entry IDs. This means that a straight re-import of the entries would break the permalinks on all my posts, since MT assigns IDs on a system-wide basis, rather than on a per-blog basis (which seems to me like a bad design choice...), and the export file itself doesn't contain IDs. Hmpf. Now to find where I have the backup of the DB file...

Update #3: (14/01, 1200) I'm about to start a full rebuild from a database that is nearly a week old. After that, I'll try to rebuild the entries that are missing from feeds, checking combinations of my RSS "backup", collections that some people have sent (with condolences -- thanks!) and checking feedster's copy. It should take a couple of hours. Let's see how it goes.

Update #4: (14/01, 1400) The rebuild attempt failed on the first try. Not sure why. I spent some time trying to figure out how to use the various MT tools to close comments (since I have to rebuild all the site I thought it would be a good idea) but they all seem to be ready for MySQL rather than BerkeleyDB. I decided it wasn't such a good idea and set it aside for the moment. Btw, I had this crazy idea that maybe the rebuild failed because of the redirect I mentioned above--I removed it and going to try for a rebuild again now.

More updates later as I make some progress in fixing this mess.