I get to the elevator door and there are five people there, waiting. Five people, and I don't know any of them.

There are four elevators in this building, and only one is working right now. The rumors propagate. The electronic control system broke down, it's a common problem with this model. The motor died. They are trying to save electricity. It's a test of the elevators. It's a test of the employees. It's a test of the emergency system.

Not that the information that people can obtain when standing next to a large motionless metallic door can be be very accurate. For some reason, whenever there's a group waiting in a jam, or in front of a locked door, or a machine that doesn't work, theories abound. Somebody knows somebody else that once saw this happen, yeah, and it took hours to fix...

I look to the side, to the entrance to the stairs. Somebody goes in, at least that door appears to be working. But do I dare?

Behind me I hear something about an urgent package lost, and I can't recognize the voice. Must be someone from a cubicle far, far away. Or another department, or not related to this company at all yes, sure. But a cubicle far, far away sounds better to me. I can even see the yellow letters in perspective, fading into the distance.

I turn around. There are too many people to count. More than ten, that is. The conversation has stopped. No luck, I can't tell who it was.

I look back at the numbers on top of the door, the ones that usually move. They have been stuck in fifteen for a long time.

Courage floods my veins.

I'll take the stairs.