I've been watching TV for an hour now. I still haven't eaten anything. The coffee table is still covered with reports.

I flip channels mindlessly, but not mindlessly enough. Part of me doesn't want surrender to the stupidity, which creates an interesting fight in my head between the faction that just wants to disconnect all higher brain functions for the day, and the faction that would like to have an interesting sociological conversation. The argument becomes louder, prompting a stout policeman dressed in a ballerina suit to intervene and declare peace. The two warring factions calm down for the moment.

Television is the only drug that is both a depressant and a stimulant. It is extremely addictive. It promotes bad eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle. It makes you spend money. Simply put: TV is bad.

Okay, maybe not everything about TV is bad. It does have some useful qualities. For example, once in a while, it will give us opinions to repeat the next day at work. Or questions to ask each other. What would office conversation be without them? Two days ago, for example, there was a special news report about rats in the city. There is one rat per person, it said. A single pair of rats can create two thousand offspring in a year. They can feed on anything. The next day, the people at the office where in a state of panic. What to do? Two thousand offspring a year, I mean... Should rats get representatives? Can we negotiate?

TV is a drug, but I can get it without a prescription. Watch it long enough, and it will liquefy your brain into a soft mush brimming with catch-phrases, instant prizes and background laughs. And yet it comes without government warnings such as TELEVISION ENDANGERS YOUR HEALTH, aside from some censorship when a program includes too many ideas, yes. Which is important. We don't want confusion.

I enjoy TV the most when it's muted. The idiocy of the constant procession of nonsensical images becomes obvious. News programs in particular are hilarious. Many times, you can't even tell what are they talking about. And TV is supposed to be about images. Right.

Most TV is just radio with visual noise added to it to keep you entranced.

I'm watching it muted now, to avoid the trance. It's tuned in to CNN. A set of conditions that probably created the argument in my head. Maybe I should look for a movie...

Suddenly my company's logo fills the screen. A headline below reads: On the block?

I turn the sound on.

...corporation was being rumored to be planning a sale. According to sources, however, that internal problems have surfaced that would prevent any sale from happening. These problems are said to relate to the development of their new product line. For the moment then, nothing is certain, but The Street will be watching. And in other news, twenty people died today...

I mute the TV again. Planning a sale? I didn't know anything about a sale.

I haven't been reading emails for the past few weeks, true. But rumors like this would not remain confined to bit-form for long. People would talk.

But I haven't really talked to anyone recently.

Okay, something else to do tomorrow then. I get up and I prepare a sandwich. It takes me about ten seconds to eat it. Very enjoyable. I drink some water, and go to bed. I should probably arrive early at the office tomorrow. It will give me more time to go through some things. Maybe see what is going on. I set the alarm for five-thirty. I turn off the light.